Setup eduroam wifi

There is extensive eduroam wifi internet coverage across the University of Leicester campus and student accommodation.

Setup your device

  • Follow the instructions for your device and use your University email address and password to login:
    • Students enter your username followed by
    • Staff enter your username followed by
    • If you have a Friendly email address you will need to use your University IT account username followed by
  • Changed or forgotten your password? You will need to setup eduroam again on your personal device or laptop
  • You can also login at any institution that also provides eduroam wifi
  • Visitors may be able to use eduroam wifi or alternatively Visitor wifi provided by The Cloud
  • If your device is not listed you may want to view the technical settings
  • Unfortunately, there may be some issues using Blackberry devices
  • By connecting to eduroam wifi you must agree to the regulations and policies
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