Setup eduroam wifi

Regulations and policies for use of eduroam wifi

All members of the University of Leicester are welcome to make use of the eduroam wireless network. By connecting to eduroam you are agreeing to be bound by its regulations set by JANET, the regulations of the University of Leicester, and those of any institutions you visit.

Make sure you understand and agree with the following before connecting:

All access to eduroam are required to be made with your University IT account. Shared or departmental accounts may not connect.

Visitors to the University of Leicester

Visitors from institutions that are members of eduroam are welcome to connect to the Univerity network. You are required to comply with our network connection guidelines above, as well as the acceptable use policy of your own institution.

If your home university is not a member of eduroam, or you are not from an educational institution, you will need to use Visitor Wifi provided by The Cloud. In this case, you must comply with the University regulations and The Cloud terms and conditions.

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