Setup eduroam wifi

Android phone or tablet

These instructions are for Android version 5.1 running on a Nexus 5 phone. You may be able to adapt these instructions for your device.

  1. On your phone download and install the University of Leicester root certificate. Under Credential use: select Wi-Fi.
    Credential certificate - select Wi-Fi
  2. When prompted, enter a name for the certificate e.g. UoL and select OK. If you do not already have a screen lock set (for example, a PIN code), you will need to set one in order to use the certificate.
  3. From the main menu tap Settings
    Select Settings
  4. Tap Wi-Fi
    Select Wi-fi
  5. Tap eduroam from the list of wifi networks
    Select eduroam
  6. You may be prompted to set a password for the credential storage. This is a new password and must have at least eight chracters.
  7. Enter the following details:
    Security: 802.1x Enterprise
    EAP method PEAP
    Phase 2 authentication MSCHAPV2
    Ca certificate Select the certificate that you installed in step 1 & 2 e.g. UoL
    Identity University email address
    Anonymous identity Enter the latter part of your email address e.g. for students for staff
    Wireless password University IT account password

    *Staff - If you have a Friendly email address you will need to use your University IT account username followed by

    eduroam settings
  8. Tap Connect
  9. You should now be connected to eduroam wifi.
  10. Once you have connected to eduroam successfully, you should now remove Setup-UniOfLeic-Wifi from your device, so that it does not connect to this network accidentally. From the wifi setting page, long press Setup-UniOfLeic-Wifi and select Forget this Network.
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