Setup eduroam wifi

iPhone, iPad and iPod

  1. Tap Settings > Wi-Fi and connect to the Setup-UniOfLeic-Wifi network, or connect via 3G/4G.
    Tap Setup-UniOfLeic-Wifi
  2. Visit, tap iPhone/iPad/iPod, then download the configuration profile.
  3. Tap Install, then enter your passcode if requested.
    Tap Install
  4. Tap Install to add the University of Leicester certificate.
    Tap Install
  5. Tap Install to add the configuration profile.
    Tap Install
  6. Enter your username followed by and tap Next. Then enter your password and tap Next again.
    Enter username and tap next
    Enter password and tap next
  7. The profile has been installed. Tap Done.
    Tap done
  8. Your device should now connect to eduroam. If you were using Setup-UniOfLeic-Wifi to access these instructions, you should now remove it from your device so that it does not connect to this network accidentally. Press the small i symbol to the right of Setup-UniOfLeic-Wifi, and select Forget this Network


To disconnect from eduroam you need to remove the profile.

  1. Tap Settings > General > Profile UoL eduroam.
    Tap Profile UoL eduroam
  2. Tap the UoL eduroam profile, then Delete Profile.
  3. You can now tap Settings > Wi-Fi and remove the eduroam network.
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