Setup eduroam wifi

MacBook (10.7-10.11)

These instructions are for the most recent version of Mac OS (El Capitan). These instructions can be adapted for other versions of Mac OS.

  1. If you have connected to Setup-UniOfLeic-Wifi to complete these instructions, a window will open automatically, but will not allow you to complete the instructions. Close this window, open Safari again and visit
  2. Click to download this profile configuration. On previous versions of Mac OS X, hold down Ctrl and click and Select Save linked file as or on Mavericks, Download linked file as. Click Don't append if asked to Save Plain Text.
    Click Continue
  3. Click Continue
    Click Continue
  4. In Username enter your University email address (Students:, Staff: If you have a Friendly email address you will need to use your University IT account username followed by In password enter your password. Click Install
    Enter username and password
  5. Your eduroam profile will be set.
    Profile setup
  6. To connect to eduroam wifi select eduroam from the wireless network list and login with your University email address and password
    Click eduroam
  7. Once you have connected to eduroam successfully, you should now remove Setup-UniOfLeic-Wifi from your device so that it does not connect to this network accidentally:
    1. Select Open Network Preferences > Advanced
    2. Click Setup-UniOfLeic-Wifi in the list of Preferred networks then click on - (minus) to remove it
      Forget setup network
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