Setup eduroam wifi

Technical settings

If we you are not able to find instructions for your device, you may be able to manually configure it using these settings:

SSID eduroam
Security WPA2 Enterprise
Authentication 802.1x
EAP method PEAP
Phase 2 authentication MSCHAPV2
Identity University email address*
Anonymous identity Enter the latter part of your email address e.g. for students for staff
Wireless password University IT account password

*Staff - If you have a Friendly email address you will need to use your University IT account username followed by


You may need to download the University of Leicester root certificate, which allows your device to check that it is connecting to the official login server. Click on the file to install the certificate. This is available here in several different formats:

PEM encoded Linux/other
DER encoded Vista/7, Mac OS X, Nokia Symbian S60/S80 or Linux
CER encoded Vista/7 and Some Windows Mobile phones
CRT encoded Vista and Mac OS X and Android
Zip archive All the above certificate files

JANET compliance

We are operating at JANET eduroam tier JRS2.

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