Setup eduroam wifi

Windows 7

Automatic setup

Click the button below to automatically setup your laptop/device.

Download and install the automatic setup program  

Manual setup

Use these instructions if the automatic setup does not work:

  1. Download the University of Leicester root certificate to your Desktop and click Run
  2. Click Install Certificate.
    Install Certificate
  3. Click Next
  4. Select Place all certificates in the following store
  5. Browse to the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities Folder and click Ok
  6. Click Next then Finish to install the certificate. You should see a message telling you the import was successful.
  7. Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet.
    Network and Internet
  8. Click Network and Sharing Centre.
    Network and Sharing Centre
  9. Click Setup a New Connection or Network.
    Setup a New Connection or Network
  10. Click Manually connect to a wireless network.
    Manually connect to a wireless network
  11. Enter the following details:
    • Network name: eduroam
    • Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
    • Encryption type: AES
    Enter settings
  12. Click Next
  13. Click Change Connection Settings.
    Change Connection Settings
  14. On the Connection tab, Check Connect automatically when the network is in range
    Connect automatically when in range
  15. From the Security tab, check Remember my credentials for this connection. Then click Settings.
  16. Enter the following details:
    • Select Validate Server Certificate
    • Select Connect to these servers and type
    • Under Trusted Root Certification Authorities select University of Leicester
    • De-select Do not prompt user
    • Select Enable Fast Reconnect
    • Select Enable Identity Privacy and type anonymous
    • Click Configure
  17. De-select Automatically use…¬†and click OK.
    Automatically use
  18. Click OK, then close all remaining boxes
  19. Enter your University email address (Students:, Staff: If you have a Friendly email address you will need to use your University IT account username followed by and password to login
    University email address and password
  20. Click OK to connect to eduroam wifi.
  21. If you were using Setup-UniOfLeic-Wifi to access these instructions, you can now remove it from your laptop/device so that it does not connect to this network accidentally. Choose Forget this network from the list of available networks.
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